Subsidized Digital Media Production
Creative Direction


Cinematography | Photography | Graphic Design | Web Design | Marketing + Branding Strategy

As an artist, I feel strongly about being able to express myself through more than one medium. I love art and the expression of it in all forms, and whatever I do I am constantly learning and improving, perfecting, for the love of it. 

I have participated in serving dance individuals and non-profit organizations as BOTH a staff and a freelancer in New York City since 2014 as a hands on camera and content creative, as well as a creative director, project manager, social media strategist and assistant film director. 

I make art for artists, of all discipline.


For video/film productions:

I specialize in camera movements and one shot story-telling ( My body and soul is part of the equipment )
I shoot almost everything with an A7Sii, a 35mm prime lens and a gimbal.
My video editing style in few words:
raw, organic, minimalistic

I am proficient in: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Wordpress
and more marketing and design alchemy





Graphic Design